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Wood Wick Candles: 4 Benefits

Wood Wick Candles: 4 Benefits

At Seventh + Shire, we often get this frequently asked question: "Why wooden wicks?" Or "How do wood wicks differ from regular wicks?" These questions, which we absolutely love to address, have prompted us to dive deeper into the world of wooden wicks, their advantages, and why we've chosen them as our preferred wicks. If you've ever pondered these questions, keep reading as we explore the top four reasons behind our commitment to wooden wicks.

1. Clean, Even Burn: Elevating the Candle Experience

The hallmark of wooden wicks lies in their ability to deliver a clean and even burn, setting them apart from traditional wicks. Unlike their counterparts, wooden wicks are less prone to tunneling, which occurs when a candle burns down the center, leaving a rim of unburned wax along the sides. This uneven burn not only affects the aesthetic appeal of your candle but also shortens its lifespan. Wooden wicks, on the other hand, promote an even melt pool that extends to the edges, ensuring a longer burn time. At Seventh + Shire, our candles boast impressive burn times ranging from 10 to 60 hours, a testament to the efficiency of wooden wicks.

2. Embracing Nature: The Allure of All-Natural Wicks

Our dedication to sustainability and the environment drives our choice of materials. We've chosen wood wicks that are crafted from sustainably sourced fruit trees within the United States. What's more, they are entirely natural, devoid of any additives or toxins. This makes our candles not only a treat for the senses but also a responsible choice for eco-conscious consumers. By opting for wood wicks, we ensure that our candles remain additive-free, preserving the sanctity of your indoor environment while infusing it with captivating fragrances.

3. The FSC Partnership

Our wooden wicks don't just make you feel good; they do good too. Sourced from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified Mills, they're a nod to our commitment to sustainability and responsible choices. The FSC's mission to preserve natural forests and uplift local communities resonates with our values. Plus, every $100 spent with us plants a tree.

4. Who Doesn't Love the Subtle Crackle?!

Close your eyes and listen – it's the gentle crackling sound that fills your space as our wooden wicks burn. It's the cozy, comforting tune of a fireside chat. This auditory enchantment adds an intimate layer to your ambiance, inviting you to embrace nature's embrace within your own sanctuary. It's a melody that awakens memories and fosters a sense of calm like no other.

The answer to "Why wooden wicks?" is one woven with the threads of ambiance, ethics, and charm. From their even burns to their earth-friendly origins, melodious crackling, and meaningful partnerships, wooden wicks embody the essence of Seventh + Shire. They're more than wicks; they're storytellers, infusing your space with love and intention, which is why we have chosen to use wood wicks for all of our candles.


(Also, please be sure to take care of your wooden wicks – check out our wick trimmers and read this blog post to learn why they are essential to candle care. #IYKYK)

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