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My name is Alexandria Brown, and building brands I believe in is my passion. Seventh + Shire was founded in January 2021 in my childhood home on Shire Parkway. Although I am originally from Battle Creek, Michigan, I have spent most of my life in Richmond, Virginia. After studying Economics and Accounting at Randolph-Macon College, I completed a Masters and then an MBA in London, England. Upon returning to the States, I pursued marketing with a heavy emphasis on digital branding. I didn't fully realize my passion for candles until I participated in a candle-making workshop during a trip to Portland, Oregon. I left that experience wanting to know more about the art and science behind candles. After months of research, I started making candles, and nine months after that trip, Seventh + Shire launched. Now I fuse my love for branding and beautiful aromas to create a sophisticated experience.

Typically, candles are burned in personal, intimate spaces, so I thank you for inviting me, by way of a Seventh + Shire candle, into your home, on your travels, and wherever else you decide to journey. It is truly an honor. 

- Alexandria